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A symbiosis of nature & technology: sharing stories, new technologies, recipes, poems, quotes, videos, cultural commentary, book and film critiques, resources and more…….radical ideas to save the world…. please join me!

Utopian Culture is dedicated to sharing tips, resources, stories, and visions of Utopian Culture. The goal is to educate, inspire, network and increase solution oriented thinking to improve the human condition and the world at large. U.C. believes that with a symbiosis of nature and technology we can solve many of the world’s current problems and bring more balance and peace to all beings. The idea of Utopia is comprehensive in nature and we aim to explore numerous realms of life. Utopian Culture was created in 2014 by Utopian anthropologist, philosopher and poet Zoe Weston. This is a culmination of her life’s work and research and it is her passion to discuss any and all things Utopian in nature. She has spent her life researching better ways of living. Her studies are broad and include everything from comparative cultures, religions, philosophies, literature, art, healing modalities, nutrition, self care, efficient communication, peaceful birthing, modern and ancient technologies, sustainable energy systems and more. Her greatest wish is that we all, every being, live in peace, joy, beauty, love, balance, health and equity…… be it.

A Utopian Culture aims to encompass the following: situations

2. solution oriented thinking

3. a symbiosis of nature and technology

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